What To Look For In A Dentist


What To Look For In A Dentist

If you’re new to an area it can be overwhelming to have to figure out where you’re going to go for all of your usual appointments. When you’re looking for a dentist, you’re looking for more than just someone to clean your teeth. And when you type in “best dentist near me” to your Google search, you want to look for more than that. Your dental health plays such a large role in your overall physical health that it's important to make sure that you’re getting the best care that there is. You look out for your family’s well-being, so you should have a dental practice that is going to look out for your health and well-being too!

At Luxe Dental Spa in Oakhurst, NJ, we are devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile by using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that result in beautiful long-lasting smiles. We pride ourselves in being one of the best dental practices in the area and have many testimonials to back that statement up. You should always have a dental home, and we’re here to provide that to you. So let's take a peek at what you should look for in order to find the best dentist near you!


This one is pretty simple and you’ve most likely already done it, but ask for referrals from people that you trust. These can be family members, friends, and even past dental practitioners. They say that the proof is in the pudding, and that is 100% true when it comes to dental work. People are also more likely to be completely honest when being asked about a business when they have a friend or family member asking. Getting honest and unbiased feedback can really help you make your final decision when it comes to choosing a dentist.

Insurance Policy

While dental insurance is usually more lenient than medical insurance, it’s important that you find an office that best caters to your own personal insurance plan. As a service to our patients, our practice, Luxe Dental Spa, accepts most dental insurance programs including non-managed care, indemnity, and PPO out of network. However, we are not part of any managed care networks. While you are responsible for your total obligation, our accounting staff will prepare all the necessary forms for your dental benefits. We will also submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company so that you are fully aware of what your benefits and coverage at our office will be!

Services Provided

Contrary to popular belief, not all dental practices are the same. When you’re looking for a dentist, think about what type of services you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an office to get your usual cleanings and preventative care at, that may be different than looking for a dental practice that offers cosmetic services. Lucky for you, at Luxe Dental Spa we specialize in a wide variety of services. From preventative care to Invisalign and cosmetic veneers to oral surgery, our experienced dentists can do it all. Save yourself time by making us your one-stop-shop for all types of dental procedures.

At Luxe Dental Spa, we are here for all your dental needs no matter what they are. If you’re new to the area or looking for a new dental practice, look no further than us. We’ve been proudly serving Monmouth County with excellent personalized care and we look forward to serving you! Click here to learn more about our practice and meet our doctors who will take the best care of you. We can’t wait to see your beautiful smile!