Keeping Your Teeth Healthy At Home During Covid-19


Keeping Your Teeth Healthy At Home During Covid-19

As we all face the current state of a global pandemic, it's so important that you prioritize your health and the health of your family. At Luxe Dental Spa, we are currently closed for all routine and cosmetic services, but we are open for all emergency dental procedures. In this blog post we are going to be giving you some helpful tips to make sure that you’re keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Keep reading to learn more!

Keep Your Normal Brushing/Flossing Routine

Many of us are now working from home and spending more time hanging around the house, which can make it easier to fall out of your normal routine. However, just because you’re not on your normal schedule doesn’t mean that you should neglect your oral hygiene routine! Be sure that you’re still brushing your teeth first thing when you wake up. Overnight, no matter how well you brush and floss the night before, our mouths accumulate bacteria. This bacteria is not only a large culprit to bad breath, but it's also harmful to the overall health of our teeth and gums. Getting rid of this bacteria first thing gets rid of buildup. Psychologically, it can also help you feel more motivated and ready for the day. It may seem like a small factor but it can help keep some sense of normal routine. Brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed will not only physically make you feel better, but psychologically too!

Watch What You're Eating

It's totally normal to use food as a comfort or coping mechanism, especially when we’re stressed or feeling out of control. While the occasional sweet treat is okay, make sure that you’re still consuming healthy and whole foods! Sticky and sugary candy can pull on the enamel on our teeth. It can also cause tooth decay, especially if you’re not being proactive about your normal brushing/flossing routine. Starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, and breads, eventually turn to sugar, especially once your saliva has broken them down. Make sure to floss properly so they aren’t stuck in your gums or between your teeth.

Replace Your Toothbrush

Of course, you should only be going out for the essential items, but your teeth are essential to your health. Make sure that you’re replacing your toothbrush frequently. Most of us tend to forget to replace our toothbrushes as often as we should, which can make our toothbrushes defective. If you’re brushing with an old brush, the bristles may be bent which means you're not getting as close or good of a clean. Old brushes can also harbor bacteria and germs, which then defeats the purpose of brushing your teeth if you’re just putting more bacteria in. If you can’t remember when the last time you replaced your toothbrush, chances are it's overdue. A good rule of thumb is about every three months, or whenever you’re spotting wear and tear. So, put new toothbrushes on your list of groceries next time you’re out (don’t forget to wear a mask)!

Avoid At-Home Teeth Whitening

It can be tempting to want to make use of the extra time at home by indulging in some self care, but as dental professionals, we want you to be cautious of at home whitening kits. Now, this isn’t just because we want you to come in and get it done through us. While the price point and promises of at-home whitening can sound tempting, many times these whitening products aren’t good for your teeth. They can cause oversensitivity and may also contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that can not only damage your teeth but your health as well. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, we recommend that you speak with your dentist to make sure that you’re using something safe.

As we mentioned above, we are currently closed for all normal routine procedures and are working on an official reopening date. Please continue to check our website and social media platforms for more updates regarding our re-opening. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you! We hope you all are staying healthy during this time and can’t wait to see all of you once we re-open.